Helpful Facts

about Medicare Supplements


Here are some important facts to help you whether you are looking into Medicare Supplements for the first time, or just trying to find a way to lower your costs.

  1. Medicare Supplement plans are designed and regulated by the Federal Government.

  2. There are over 70 companies nationwide offering these Medicare Supplement plans.

  3. Since the coverage is identical regardless of which company you buy it from, the best thing for you is to find the company with the lowest rates.

  4. There are currently 11 plans to choose from. The Federal Government has named them alphabetically: Plans A thru N.

Unlike an HMO, Medicare Supplements offer the freedom to use virtually any doctor and hospital of your choice in the United States and you never need a referral. You may even choose a plan that covers your entire doctor visits, tests, hospital stays, etc. without having to pay a co-pay or deductible. Just show your card and walk away. It’s all paid for! Isn’t this the way insurance is supposed to work?

   Our organization has contracted with some of the best and lowest priced companies offering Medicare Supplements in the nation. We have done the research for you so that you are not overwhelmed trying to do this on your own.

   We have also done research on over a dozen prescription drug programs and are prepared to help you find the lowest costs for your prescription needs.

Dedicated to helping you find the lowest rates possible.

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