Mark W. Trent

Licensed Insurance Agent


If you are as concerned as many of your neighbors about the high cost of your health care and the high co-pays and deductibles that you are paying, I may have a better solution for you. Not every one can qualify to purchase  Medicare Supplement, but a short phone call can determine your eligibility.

Please remember that if you never get sick you don’t need insurance, but when you do get sick it is imperative to have the best coverage available.

Please call me today for more information about our Medicare Supplement Programs so I can see if they are less expensive.

Mark W. Trent

Licensed Insurance Agent

Located in Frederick County, MD

Licensed in Maryland, Pennsylvania,

Virginia & West Virginia

Office: 301-293-3617

Cell: 301-730-8229

Toll Free: 1-877-501-7906



Also offering:

  1. Long Term Care Insurance

  2. Life Insurance

  3. Dental & vision

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